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Shac Shactivate

1 Litre, 10 Litres

Reduces odors and gases providing a safer and more pleasant environment for communities, households, and collection and storage facilities.

Reduces organic sludge saving time and money on pumping and dredging; increases volume retention and storage capabilities.

Reduces contaminants and nutrients resulting in a healthier system for microbes and aids in meeting effluent release requirements for treatment facilities.

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Organic solids may be reduced up to 80% with maintained Shactivate treatment.

Effluent quality parameters such as suspended solids, ammonia and phosphorus concentrations are typically reduced.

Home Septic Systems 1 litre (1 US qt) Shactivate per person per year. Flush down toilets or drains, applying 1/2 in spring and 1/2 in fall.
Recreational Vehicles

After emptying the wastewater holding tank, pour 250 ml (8 oz) of Shactivate down the toilet or drain and flush with enough water to carry all the Shactivate into the tank. Repeat each time tank is emptied.

For a small tank, use 125 ml (4 oz) Shactivate per treatment.

Outdoor Toilet

Apply 1 L (1 US qt) of Shactivate to holding tanks up to 5000 litres (1320 US gal) after each cleaning.

For heavy use, apply an additional 250ml every 1-2 weeks.

Toilets with Dug Earthen Pits

Mix 250 ml (8 oz) of Shactivate into 20 L (5 US gal) of water and splash down the hole attempting to moisten the entire pit surface. Repeat every two weeks or when odors reappear.

Commercial Portable Toilets

After cleaning, add 250 ml (8 oz) of Shactivate to 40 L (10 US gal) of water before using. For small tanks (12-15 US gal), apply 125 ml (4 oz) Shactivate to 20 litres (5 US gal) of water

Grease Traps / Restaurants & Processing Plants

Apply 1 litre (1 US qt) of Shactivate to grease trap drain or tank followed by an additional 125 ml (4 oz) at the end of each day. Please contact SHAC Head Office to determine application rates for large tanks exceeding 150 gals in volume.

Industrial / Municipal Sewage Lagoons / Systems

Contact SHAC Head Office or Local Distributor for complete assessment of your lagoon(s) / system.

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Shactivate Brochure link
Shactivate Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) English / French
Shactivate Application Guide Contains guidelines for determining application rates.
Shactivate Technical Bulletin #03-17-08 SHAC research information.

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