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Shac Ponder

1 Litre, 10 Litres, 205 Litres

Farm Dugouts and reservoirs, golf course ponds, municipal reservoirs & lakes & ornamental ponds

Reduces offensive odors in treated water providing more pleasant source water for livestock and humans. Reduces black organic sludge (biosolids) from the bottom of ponds which is a significant nutrient source for aquatic weeds and algae. Reduces cloudy, turbid water providing clearer water for all uses.

In a trial conducted over a period of 4 months, organic solids were reduced by 26% and water clarity was increased by 81%.

In a trial conducted over a period of 9 months, turbidity was reduced by 82%.

In a trial conducted over a period of 14 months organic solids were reduced by 83%.

Suspended solids (TSS) have also been significantly reduced in various trials.

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Tested safe for fish at recommended rates; water is safe for human and livestock consumption as well as fish immediately after Ponder application.

Certified by NSF International Standard 61.

Easy to use - just shake container and pour into one location of the pond.

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Size: 1L / 10L / 205 L
Ponder Brochure link
Ponder Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) English
Ponder Application Guide Contains guidelines for determining application rates.
Ponder Technical Bulletin #03-17-08 SHAC research information.
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Weed and Algae ID Guide Web Version - link
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