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Manure Digester

1 Litre, 10 Litres

Designed for the following manure systems: Shallow & deep pit systems, straw packs / dry mounds & bio-shelters, shallow gutters with scrapers, slurry stores & lagoons, solid separation systems, open fields & pens.

May also be with used with various compost systems such as domestic compost enclosures.

Decreases odors and gases for a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for workers and livestock. Loosens, liquifies, and reduces solids for easier pumping. Aids in removing and preventing crusts for easier manure management. Reduces overall volume to minimize hauling, frequency of pumping and spreading which saves time and money.

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Average odor reduction of 83% (Iowa State University)

Ammonia gas reduction of 63% within barns (Iowa State University)

Nearly 100% reduction in depth of organic solids in pits. Treated pits also maintained a thin liquid consistency and a complete absence of crusting. (AURI – Agricultural Utilization Research Institute)

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Size: 10L / 205 L
Manure Digester Brochure link
Manure Digester Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) English / French
Manure Digester Application Guide Contains guidelines for determining application rates.
Manure Digester Technical Bulletin #09-10-07 SHAC research information.
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