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Feed Additive

13 KG, 10L, 205L

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Reg.# 480573 Liquid
480549 Granular

Designed for hogs and to be applied to complete feeds.

Lower concentrations of odors, ammonia, and carbon dioxide in the barns creating safer and healthier conditions for livestock and workers.

Improves air quality in neighborhood.

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Guelph University Air Quality Results and SHAC Field Trials Indicate:

57.8% reduction in odors in barns.

51% average reduction in ammonia.

28% reduction of carbon dioxide.

Weight 13 kg / bag, pallet of 36 bags
Size: 13 KG bag, 10L liquid, 205L liquid
Granular Feed Additive Safety Data Sheet (SDS) English / French
Liquid Feed Additive Safety Data Sheet (SDS) English / French
Feed Additive Application Guide Contains guidelines for determining application rates. Download
Feed Additive Technical Bulletin Download

SHAC Liquid Feed Additive CFIA #480573: For Grower/Finish hogs, apply 250 ml (1/4 litre) of liquid Feed Additive per tonne (1000 kg) of complete feed ration. For weaners and sows, 500 ml (1/2 litre) of liquid Feed Additive should be added per tonne of complete feed ration.

SHAC Feed Additive is designed to be applied to complete feed rations at the application rates outlined above. SHAC Feed Additive can be added to batch mixers by simply pouring the required amount of product into the mill mixer.

Yes. SHAC Feed Additive has been registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use in hog/swine production for the reduction of ammonia and odors.

SHAC Feed Additive was found to have no toxicological effects on hogs fed up to 10X the recommended rates. However, it is always recommended that CFIA-approved application rates be used in all applications.

SHAC Feed Additive is only registered and approved by the CFIA for use in complete hog feed at this time.

In various industry research studies, chronic exposure to ammonia has been correlated with reductions in average daily gain and feed efficiency as well as increases in disease and medication costs.

This varies relative to pre-treatment conditions in each operation. Generally, odour and gas reduction results will begin to be observed within 3-6 weeks of initial application to feed rations.

Initial application of SHAC Manure Digester are recommended when SHAC Feed Additive is first applied to feed. In addition, operations experiencing pit solids accumulation and high ammonia levels may benefit from using both products simultaneously.

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