".Solid levels were decreased in pits and lagoon. No sewer blockages since start of using SHAC Manure Digester.We have been very pleased with the product." S. Welty - Herd Manager, Oklahoma State University
"I had 3 feet of heavy sludge, partially solid. SHAC took it out much quicker than I had expected. Now I have my capacity back." D. Fransen - Hog Producer Worthington, MN
".SHAC worked well and did everything I expected it to". D. Petersen - Hog Producer Hartley, IA
"Lakeland College has the largest College owned farm in Western Canada, which includes a small hog barn.We started using SHAC Manure Digester in October 2000 in order reduce the build-up of solids in the manure pits.We are quite satisfied with the results that SHAC Manure Digester has given us and recommend the use to anyone looking to increase digestion in their manure pits and lagoons." L. Buse - Supervisor Agricultural Services, Lakeland College
"I had a situation in our hog finishing building where we had a solid buildup in our pit of up to four feet deep in some areas. We used SHAC Manure Digester and it worked very well and helped our problem. I would recommend using Shac Manure Digester in all hog finishing buildings." H. Leusink, Iowa Pork Producer
".SHAC Manure Digester was applied in each of two test pens (cattle feed lot).The number of loads (manure) was reducecd by 50% as compared to the three pens that were the same size.The three random picked pens averaged 41 loads.The test pens had 16 and 29 loads of manure. This test at Highland Feeders Limited turned out to be very successful." B. Kotelko - Owner, N. Rowe - Operations Supervisor, Alberta
"On April 30, 2002 Jim Rosenbrugh bought his first 10 litre jug of (SHAC) Manure Digester because the gutter in his barn was not running out of the barn and into the pit.Now in 2005 Jim is still using SHAC Manure Digester. In addition he uses SHAC Feed Additive in the feed. He is very pleased with the results." J. Rosenbrugh - Hog Producer, St. George, Ontario
"The product SHAC has made a big difference with regard to the air quality in our barns and in our outside storage as well as the handling of the manure.We started using SHAC around four years ago and every time we emptied solids they have been less.Our air quality is far better than it was." D. Ahrens - Hog Producer, Ontario, Canada
"I would like to take this time to express my opinions on the line of products provided to us by SHAC Environmental. SHAC Products have been a part of our product line for the past four years.Over the years we have found that customers have been very satisfied with the results of the products and in fact many are repeat customers or friends of repeat customers. Customers like the fact that SHAC products are not chemicals, are environmentally friendly and they just plain work.I can honestly say that SHAC is a great product line, provides great product support and has been profitable for our business. I would highly recommend SHAC products." C. Reyes - Agronomist, Alberta
"After using SHAC (Shactivate) and seeing the beneficial results, I would highly recommend this product for its designated uses as I was skeptical at first but have now seen that it works excellent as recommended." G. Hodgins, Ontario
".very pleased to offer our seal of approval to your above noted product (Shactivate). Our sewage lagoon has been in service for approximately 40 years with the attendant buildup of solids in the bottom of the cells. The Village of Irma choose to use Shactivate to reduce sludge in the lagoon about two years ago. The immediately noted result was the lack (reduction) of odor coming off the lagoon." E. Mark - Chief Administrative Officer, Alberta
"The Town of Bonnyville started using Shactivate on May 25, 2001 to help reduce the sludge build up in our four anaerobic cells at our lagoon site.Immediately after adding Shactivate to our anaerobic cells we noticed very vibrant percolation.We also noticed a very significant reduction in odors and the anaerobic cells starting to change color.We have found that the Shactivate maintenance program has been easy to follow as the product is easy to work with and is only required to be applied weekly.The Town of Bonnyville has found the Shactivate product to be very effective in our particular application and SHAC Environmental has offered excellent customer service throughout this trial." K. Buhagiar - Supervisor Water Treatment Plant, Alberta
"We are a Horticultural business in the West Flamborough area of Ontario, Canada. Clean, fresh water is a very precious commodity for our livelihood.Already using some Ponder in 1998 on a trial basis, and liking what I saw, gave me the confidence to use Ponder in all water storage ponds. Using the product for three years has significantly reduced our algae problems and in some areas totally eliminated algae.I can with confidence highly recommend this product." C. Vanderkruk - Production Manager Canon Nurseries, Ontario
"We purchased a treatment of is to our amazement that the water is clear and free of the algae. We can now see and enjoy the fish that live in our pond. We would recommend the product highly." G. Markle, Ontario
"I just wanted to let you know that your "Ponder" water treatment product is fantastic!...We have tried everything and anything on the market to get rid of surface algae, scum and horrible colored water.GREAT PRODUCT, we highly recommend Ponder." M. Anderson
"Johnson Controls located at the Medicine Hat College has employed the services of SHAC Environmental for the past three years. The college had a serious algae problem in the irrigation pond causing an unpleasant odor and algae bloom. SHAC personnel tested the pond a weekly basis and applied "Ponder" as deemed necessary. It was imperative that the product be environmentally friendly as it was to work in conjunction with Grass Carp and not cause any other environmental concerns with the area.I do not hesitate to recommend the services of SHAC Environmental." C. Bohaychuk - Grounds Supervisor Johnson Controls Ltd., Alberta
"We had a pond so infested with floating algae that golf balls would actually sit on top.After one heavy application (Ponder) we started to see results right away.I had tried 2 or 3 other products but they never gave me the results that "Ponder" did. Needless to say we are now using "Ponder" in all our ponds and the results are clean clear water, plus the most important factor for me - HAPPY GOLFERS." D. Bilyk,Golf & Country Club Superintendent, Alberta
"Our shop and feedlot water source comes from a spring fed pond.For the last 3 or more years we have fought smelly, black colored water through out the water system. The smell was so bad we could hardly use it to wash our hands in the shop.We used Shac's "Ponder" to clean up the water source and it seemed to help in the pond.the water continues to be 100% odor and color free.Thanks SHAC." D Takeda, Aberta
"I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first of your claims as to what your product (Ponder) could do; however in a short period of time I witnessed the progress of this product in our wastewater system.I must also point out that the large amount of digestion of sludge occurring in these ponds could extend their life indefinitely. This would be a major savings for the Town in regards to cleaning, dredging and maintenance of the ponds. With rsing costs of most everything this is an attractive alternative." Public Works Supervisor, Alberta
"SHAC (Ponder) has proven itself in controlling odors and is looking very promising in controlling the sludge build-up and removal in the wastewater collection and treatment system. I'm very surprised at what this product has accomplished in such little time. No, I'm shocked, for out of all the products we have tried SHAC has shown promising results." M.Unser - Wastewater Operator, Alberta
"We have had a pond in our back yard for a few years.Every spring water gardeners are subject to a plague of algae. It is usually so bad that the fish seem to disappear in the mirk.we used about 4 ounces of Shac (Ponder).On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to take this opportunity in giving you our thanks in giving us a chance to use such a wonderful product and wishing you all the great success such a product deserves." J. Bush, Alberta
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you k now how please we are with the results from Ponder.We have had many farmers and ranchers view our dugout with much surprise.our dugout is so clean and clear that we have been known to have some of the best "pool parties" in the neighborhood! Congratulations on a truly remarkable product." G. Chomistek Alberta
"We are running 300 sows farrow to finish.using Shac (Manure Digester) in the pits for two years and are well satisfied with how it is working. We have been putting Shac Feed Additive in the feed.The first thing we noticed was the weaners had a better appetite. The sows are clamer, plus we are seeing no more worms. The grower pigs seem calmer too. And another big plus is no more Drain Doctor to clean the sewer lines." A. Stahl, Stahls Agro, Alberta
"We used SHAC Manure Digester in our 8 foot deep pits (320 sow farrow to wean) and have virtually no solids. It is "money well spent. " M. Yoder, Indiana
"I own a farrow to finish hog operation just outside of Hamilton, Ontario and since I am in close proximity to a large center I have been using a number of odor reduction techniques.I have been using SHAC products (Manure Digester) and it certainly has reduced the ammonia levels in the barn.the SHAC product just about pays for itself in reduced N fertilizer cost and I get the odor control at almost no cost." C. Smith,, Ontario
"4000 farrow/finish hog - No agitation to clean deep pits since starting SHAC, and not concerned of gas intoxication! Large reduction in pit odors. Lagoon had large increase from activity after adding SHAC when there was no activity prior to SHAC. Hauled all pits in summer with large reduction of alarming odors! Will continue to use SHAC and very satisfied with results!" K. & D. Kortes - Kortes Brother's, Iowa
"12,000 farrow/finish hog annually - Far less solids and much cleaner pull plug gutters. Ammonia levels at 5-7 ppm. Haved used pretty well about everything on the market. SHAC is the only purge product that has been satisfied with!" Z. Tschetter - Pleasant Valley Colony, South Dakota
"16,000 farrow/finish hog - Treated a farrowing, gestation and nursery without building production managers knowledge. Only told them to increase pull plug time, all three independently came back to ask what we had done differently to improve environment. Very pleased with overall odor and solids reduction." P. Howerton - JD Howerton & Sons, Missouri
"12,000 finish hog annually - Very happy with solid reduction where untreated control buildings had solid buildup. Ammonia smells are non-existent when before they were alarming on cold days. Fly population in control, 98% reduction compared to untreated building." W. Kohn, Minnesota
"3,000 farrow/finish hog annually - First time in 20 years the lagoon has been alive! Pleasantly surprised at how well it worked! We were very skeptical." M. Noll, Kansas
"400 sow operation - I have used several other products with no change.I could not smell any odors 1 hour after we pumped.We were able to pump within 6" of the bottom, we haven't done that since the building was first put up." T. Maass - TM Farms, Iowa
"2400 head nursery - Stink in building has been greatly redcued. Solid buildup has been almost entirely eliminated. Odor problem was greatly reduced during field application." J. Stephens, Iowa
"5,000 finish hogs - When I put it in, a couple of weeks you could see it working on top of water. Smell was a lot better in the spring." S. Robinett, Missouri
48,000 SEW Nursery annually - The study is not completely over yet, we are still going to conduct ammonia levels in each room when using minimum ventilation and high temperatures are maintained in each room. We are very happy with the product and service so far and hope that it will continue to meet our expectations for a better environment." R. Plendi - Prime Pork Ltd., Iowa
"10,000 farrow/finish hog annually - Quick reduction in solids and quite satisfied with odor reductions! Very pleased with results!" L. Wipf - Maxwell Colony, South Dakota
"650 sow operation - The use of SHAC has allowed us to provide desired temperatures and maintain air. Using SHAC keeps the ammonia down so the amount of air exchange can be slowed down on cold days saving on the propane bills." L Johnson - Ringopork Partnership, Iowa
"10,000 nursery/finish hog annually - Pits no longer need to be mechanically washed out. The odor problem has been eliminated. SHAC did everything it claimed it would do. Since using SHAC the available nitrogen has been high enough to reduce our commercial nitrogen needs to 85 lbs an acre on continuous corn." D Rogers - Rogers Pork Farm, Iowa
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