Designed for the following manure systems:

  • Shallow & deep pit systems
  • Straw packs / dry mounds & bio-shelters
  • Shallow gutters with scrapers
  • Slurry stores & lagoons
  • Solid separation systems
  • Open fields & pens
  • May also be with used with various compost systems such as domestic compost enclosures.


  • Decreases odors and gases for a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for workers and livestock.
  • Loosens, liquifies, and reduces solids for easier pumping.
  • Aids in removing and preventing crusts for easier manure management.
  • Reduces overall volume to minimize hauling, frequency of pumping and spreading which saves time and money.


  • Average odor reduction of 83% (Iowa State University)
  • Ammonia gas reduction of 63% within barns (Iowa State University)
  • Nearly 100% reduction in depth of organic solids in pits. Treated pits also maintained a thin liquid consistency and a complete absence of crusting. (AURI � Agricultural Utilization Research Institute)


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