Designed for hogs and to be applied to complete feeds.


  • Lower concentrations of odors, ammonia, and carbon dioxide in the barns creating safer and healthier conditions for livestock and workers.
  • Improves air quality in neighborhood.
Ammonia Facts
  • In various hog industry research studies, chronic exposure to ammonia has been correlated with reductions in average daily gain and feed efficiency as well as increases in disease and medication costs.
  • SHAC Feed Additive products are effective in reducing the levels of harmful ammonia gas to which hogs are frequently exposed.

CFIA Approved

  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has approved the use of SHAC Liquid Feed Additive (Reg # 480573) and SHAC Granular Feed Additive (Reg # 480549) for hogs as effective odor and gas reducing manure management tools.

Guelph University Air Quality Results and SHAC Field Trials Indicate:

  • 57.8% reduction in odors in barns.
  • 51% average reduction in ammonia.
  • 28% reduction of carbon dioxide.



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