Describe Shac Environmental Company & Products
Summary and Fast Facts

In this lesson you have learned about SHAC Environmental Products Inc. and the products they supply. Important points to remember from this lesson are:

  • SHAC Environmental Products Inc. is a waste and water treatment company.
  • SHAC Environmental Products Inc. has developed effective products to restore balance to the natural biodigestion of organic material including:
    • Livestock manure,
    • Sanitary sewage, and
    • Organic material in water.
  • All SHAC products are designed to activate resident microbes.
  • Each product is derived from natural ingredients to reduce the harmful effects associated with many conventional water and waste treatment products.
  • SHAC's products are safe and easy to apply - just shake, pour and rinse!
  • All products are non-toxic to the environment and require no special storage/handling procedures.
  • SHAC supplies the following products:
    • Ponder™;,
    • Shactivate™ Sewage Digester,
    • SHAC Manure Digester™, and
    • SHAC Feed Additive.
  • Ponder™ is designed to reduce:
    • offensive odours in treated water,
    • black organic sludge from the bottom of ponds which is a significant nutrient source for aquatic weeds and algae, and
    • cloudy, murky or turbid water providing clearer water for all uses.
  • Ponder™ comes in 1L and 10L containers.
  • Once opened, the contents of the container should be used immediately. Containers should not be allowed to freeze and should be stored off of the ground (shelf, pallet, etc.)
  • Ponder™; increases microbial activity resulting in nutrient reduction and biodigestion of organic matter
  • Shactivate™ is an additive that is used in septic/sanitation waste (toilets, septic systems, sinks, garborators, recreational vehicles) to reduce:
    • odours and gases,
    • organic sludge saving , and
    • contaminants and nutrients.
  • Shactivate™ comes in 1 litre and 10 litre containers.
  • Shactivate™ can be applied directly to wastewater storage (septic tanks, outhouses).
  • Shactivate™ begins to work by 'tying up' toxins and chemicals present in the wastewater. Next, bio-stimulants, cause increased levels of activity (bio-digestion, growth and reproduction) in the resident microbes naturally present in the wastewater.
  • SHAC Manure Digester™ helps all livestock producers in their efforts to control and manage waste from livestock applied in confinement operations such as pens.
  • SHAC Manure Digester™ is a liquid product designed to:
    • Decrease odours and gases associated with manure,
    • Looses, liquefies and reduces manure solids,
    • Aids in removing and preventing crusts from manure pits, and
    • Reduced volume of manure solids.
  • SHAC Manure Digester™ is available in 10 Litre containers.
  • SHAC Manure Digester™ is a liquid product and is applied directly on manure packs or into manure storage pits/lagoons.
  • Application rates and procedures vary for each species of livestock. Generally speaking, SHAC Manure Digester™ is applied at a rate of 15 to 30 litres per 100,000 gallons initially. This is based on the types and number of head of livestock.
  • SHAC has developed two CFIA registered feed additive products which reduces offensive odours and harmful gases in hog barns and may improve swine production efficiency.
  • SHAC Feed Additive is available in two formulations:
    • Liquid
    • Granular
  • SHAC liquid feed additive can be added, by hand, to the total hog ration.
  • SHAC liquid feed additive is available in 10 litre containers and is applied at 250ml or 500ml per tonne of total ration depending on the age of the swine stock.
  • SHAC granular feed additive is provided in 13kg bags and is designed to be applied to:
    • Pre-mixes
    • Grain storage for feed
    • Total feed ration
  • Generally, SHAC granular feed additive is added to the total ration at a rate of 650g to 1.3kg per tonne
  • SHAC offers sales and technical assistance to dealers and customers throughout Canada and the US.
  • All distributors of SHAC's products are authorized.
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