Describe Shac Environmental Company & Products
Describe How Shactivate/SHAC Manure Digester Work

Septic tanks, manure slurry storage and manure pits are all systems designed to store and treat sanitary waste.

Besides manure and organic waste, waste water contains a couple of other important entities which are more difficult to see and can help or hinder in the management of that waste. These entities include:

  • toxins/anti-microbials
    Introduced to waste systems through household cleaning products, barn disinfectants, pesticides used to control weeds and insects and anti-biotics used to treat animal illness.
  • bacteria
    Found in all forms of waste and wastewater For bacteria to be helpful, the types of bacteria inhabiting the environment must be balanced and diverse in numbers. Bacteria become harmful and produce negative side effects when they are out of balance in a particular environment.

As you learned earlier, both Shactivateand SHAC Manure Digester are products that can be used to manage waste. Regardless of the product used, they work in the same manner.

Shortly, you'll have an opportunity see Shactivatein action.

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