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Describe Ponder™

Ponder™ is a unique water treatment product derived from Lignite coal. Ponder™ is for use in farm dugouts and reservoirs as well as ornamental ponds. Ponder™ is designed to reduce:

  • offensive odours in treated water providing more pleasant drinking water for livestock,
  • black organic sludge from the bottom of ponds which is a significant nutrient source for aquatic weeds and algae, and
  • cloudy, turbid water providing clearer water for all uses.

Ponder™ is non-toxic at recommended rates; water is safe for livestock as well as fish immediately following application.

Canadian federal and provincial health and environmental departments have stated 'no objection' to the use of Ponder™ in water used as a drinking water source. Ponder™ is also registered as a water treatment product with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) in Canada and the USA.

Ponder™is not to be used as a replacement for disinfection of water intended for human consumption.

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