Describe Shac Environmental Company & Products
Describe SHAC Environmental Products Inc.

SHAC has been supplying the following products over the years:

  • Ponder™
    Improves water quality by decreasing odours, organic sludge and cloudiness/murkiness.
  • Shactivate™Sewage Digester
    Shactivate™ Sewage Digester
    Reduces odours and solids in sewage collection and treatment systems.
  • SHAC Manure Digester™
    SHAC Manure Digester™
    Decreases odour and aids manure management in livestock operations.
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  • SHAC Feed Additive
    SHAC Feed Additive
    Reduces offensive odours and harmful gases in hog barns as well as improves swine production efficiency (increase in average daily weight gain).

Each of these products are unique and has been designed for a specific purpose.

Do not substitute one product for another.

Next you will have an opportunity to learn more about each of these products. But first, let's take a moment to check your understanding with a few questions.

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